Educational Psychology

Every school and Early Years Setting has the support of a named Educational Psychologist. The Educational Psychology Service (EPS) provides an allocation of time to each setting in Torfaen based on individual student need. Each school, in consultation with their EP, prioritises pupils that require involvement, following ongoing concerns about issues such as learning, emotional wellbeing and behaviour. We have a Senior Specialist EP for SEBD (Social, Emotional, Behavioural Difficulties), who supports staff and pupils from the Pupil Referral Unit and advises on Torfaen-Wide strategies and policies (e.g., managing transitions effectively, behaviour management) in this area. We have dedicated Early Years EPs who provide support for the Local Authority’s Early Years Team, our non-maintained settings, other childcare providers, and parents. Our EP team also provide support for Post-16 settings.

Involvement may include: 

  • Consultation and psychological advice - individual, group, and whole school issues.
  • Psychological assessments - using a range of methods to inform interventions.
  • Psychological interventions - to promote psychological wellbeing, social, emotional, and behavioural development and to raise educational standards.
  • Delivery of professional development and training - to be able to support others' learning, knowledge, and practice.
  • Support around critical incidents and bereavement.

If direct assessment is indicated, an educational psychologist will usually assess a child in their school/ early years setting. They do this in a number of ways, which may include:

  • discussing them with their parents/carers, teachers and others who know them well.
  • observing the child in their classroom or playground.
  • reviewing the work, they have been doing in class.
  • speaking to the child.
  • testing to check on the child's skills and/or intellectual development.

EPs can review progress following implementation of agreed strategies. Educational psychologists can offer parents suggestions about how they can help their child's development and learning

Referral Route

If parents/carers are concerned that their child may have Additional Learning needs they should, in the first instance, speak to the schools Additional Learning Needs coordinator (ALNCo) at the school or pre-school setting. The school or setting will be able to intervene and monitor progress. If the difficulties persist following the school trying a range of strategies as part of their graduated response the ALNCo, with parental permission, will inform the educational psychology service and request a consultation.

Contact Details

Dr Alyson Costa (Lead EP)
Tel: 01495 742399

Dr Sam O'Shaughnessy
Tel: 01495 766997
Email: samantha.o'

Dr Julie Casey
Tel: 01495 766963

Dr Georgina Doutre
Tel: 01495 766806

Meinir Evans
Tel: 01495 766996

Dr Lucy Wilkinson
Tel: 01495 766846

Dr Susannah Young
Tel: 01495 762399

Dr Una Hicks

Jennifer Price - Administrative Support
Tel: 01633 648413

Last Modified: 09/02/2022
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