Aims of the Service

Our aim is to create inclusive cultures in our schools to maximise educational opportunities for all Torfaen pupils. We want all children, parents, and staff to feel equally valued by breaking down barriers to children’s learning and encourage their full participation in school life. 

The Local Authority’s Central Inclusion and Support Services work in collaboration with the young person, schools and education settings, parents/carers and other agencies using a person-centred approach. We provide advice, guidance and support for pupils who have or may have Additional Learning Needs (ALN) via a range services and provisions as part of our graduated response.

The majority of pupils will have their needs identified, met, and monitored within mainstream schools or college. All children and young people learn in different ways and at different rates.  In every class in every school there will be some pupils who progress at a slower rate than other children. These pupils will benefit from differentiated good quality teaching and learning and universal support. Some pupils will be identified as having an Additional Learning Needs and require more targeted interventions and Additional Learning Provision (ALP) provided by their school.

A small number of children will have severe and complex Additional Learning Needs which cannot reasonably be met within the context of a mainstream school. Torfaen have a range of services and provisions that assess, meet, and monitor the needs of these children.

This area of the website sets out Torfaen’s provision map and service offer to schools with information about accessing service.

Last Modified: 09/02/2022
For more information contact:

Inclusion Service

Tel: 01495 766929 or 01495 766968

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