Additional Needs (AN) Panel

The SEN Code of Practice for Wales suggests that local authorities (LA) operate moderating groups to support the LA in making consistent and transparent decisions. Such groups can include Head Teachers, SENCos, Governors, Educational Psychologists as well as representatives from SNAP and Families First.

The AN Panel has been established to ensure that SEN decisions are taken in accordance with these principles.

The AN Panel operates in accordance with the SEN Code of Practice for Wales and Torfaen retains its responsibilities for formal decisions through the Chair of the Panel, who is the designated officer of the LA.

Functions of the Panel

The AN Panel considers the following:

  • decision for pupils moving into Torfaen from other LAs;
  • whether or not to start a statutory assessment;
  • whether or not to issue a statement or note in lieu;
  • if a statement is proposed, the level of provision and the type of educational setting appropriate.

The AN Panel also makes decisions regarding pupil access to, and the involvement of, Torfaen’s Pupil Referral Unit.

AN Panel seeks to ensure that all statutory assessment requests are considered within the prescribed timescales of the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice for Wales.

It seeks to ensure that all decisions taken regarding SEN provision and the placement of children in our Special Needs Resource Bases or in our special school are consistent.

The Panel also has a monitoring role including:

  • moderation of practice - e.g. recording and reporting across the LA;
  • identification of good practice;
  • quality of work undertaken by schools in relation to individuals or groups of pupils;
  • use of school and central resources;
  • identifying issues related to pattern and level of placements and provision in the LA;
  • inclusion and integration practice.

AN Panel Membership

The AN Panel is attended by the Additional Learning Needs Manager, who acts as Chair, an Educational Psychologist, a Head Teacher representative and a SENCo representative. In addition, parents are represented by SNAP Cymru.

Working Arrangements

AN Panel meets once a fortnight on a Thursday afternoon during term time. Dates, times and panel membership are organised in advance for the academic year.

Basic Principals Influencing Panel Recommendations

Torfaen’s Inclusion Service is committed to inclusive education and where possible pupils will be placed and supported within their mainstream catchment school.

Individual child factors determine support and placement recommendations.

There has to be clear evidence that the child’s needs are not able to be met, with support, within a mainstream education if a special needs resource base or special school placement is being requested.

Last Modified: 05/12/2018
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