Torfaen's Community Covenant

Torfaen have set up a Community Covenant that complements, at a local level, the National Armed Forces Covenant, which outlines the moral obligation between the nation, the government and the armed forces.

For Torfaen and partner organisations, the Community Covenant presents an opportunity to bring their knowledge, experience and expertise to bear on the provision of help and advice to members of the Armed Forces Community. It also presents an opportunity to build upon existing good work on other initiatives.

The aims of the armed forces community covenant are to: 

  • Encourage local communities to support the armed forces community in their areas nurture public understanding and awareness among the public of issues affecting the armed forces community
  • Recognise and remember the sacrifices faced by the armed forces community
  • Encourage activities which help to integrate the armed forces community into local life
  • To encourage the armed forces community to help and support the wider community, whether through participation in events and joint projects, or other forms of engagement.

If you are a member of the armed forces, a veteran, family member or widow(er), Torfaen is committed to providing easy access to the support and entitlements you are entitled to.

This area of the website provides a ‘one stop shop’ that can offer help and support as well as information on the Armed Forces Community Covenant that Torfaen has signed up to. 

The original signed copy of the covenant can be viewed at Torfaen County Borough Council Offices, Civic Centre, Pontypool, NP4 6YB.

If there is any information you cannot find or any information you wish to add then please contact Torfaen on 01495 762200 or email

Last Modified: 15/06/2023
For more information contact:

Armed Forces Community Covenant

Tel: 01495 762200


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