Household Waste Recycling Centre

The Household Waste Recycling Centre provides facilities for the disposal of a range of recyclable materials and waste. These facilities are available to all residents for general household and garden waste.

If you are visiting the site with a van or trailer you must obtain a Van/Trailer Permit. There is an administration charge of £5 for each van and trailer permit. Each permit entitles you to one visit to the Household Waste Recycling Centre. Each household can apply for up to 10 permits per year.

From 4th March 2019, when visiting the HWRC you will need to:

  • Sort recyclable from non-recyclable materials at home so that when you visit the HWRC you can place recycling in the correct bins. This will make your visit quicker and easier
  • Open bags that you bring to the HWRC to show our team that they do not contain recycling. If they do, you will need to sort them on site, or return home to do this

Only non-recyclable items will be allowed in the household waste skip.

For more information please see the Bag Sorting Area FAQs page.

What can be recycled at the site?

  • Paper (if shredded then please bag), cardboard, glass, cans and tins, clothing, shoes, textiles, plastic bottles, ferrous and non ferrous metal waste, wood, car batteries, white goods and fridges, large domestic appliances and small domestic appliances (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).
  • Grass, hedge and tree cuttings are also accepted for composting.
  • We also collect items such as bicycles that can be reused.
  • Rubble and hardcore are also accepted for reuse, though limited to small household quantities (this material must be bagged).

Please keep all these waste streams clean and separated.

What other materials are accepted?

Paint, thinners, used car oil, chemical treatments and tyres are also accepted. Please note - these materials need to be disposed of safely, please telephone the council for more information on how to use these facilities.


If you are considering dismantling a structure that you believe contains asbestos, in the first instance please contact the Food and Health Safety enforcement team on 01633 647623, or for further advice please visit the Health and Safety Executive website.

Alternatively if you wish to dispose of small amounts of asbestos at the Household Waste Recycling Centre you must contact Call Torfaen on 01495 762200.

What cannot be recycled at the site?

Japanese Knotweed and Himalayan Balsam are not accepted at the Household Waste Recycling Centre. Other than batteries, tyres and engine oil the site cannot accept any automotive parts.

DIY/Renovation Waste

DIY/renovation waste is not permitted into the Household Waste Recycling Centre in any type of vehicle (van, trailer or car). If you want to deposit this type of waste you should:

  • Obtain a skip
  • Pay the weighbridge costs to FCC Environmental at the Household Waste Recycling Centre. Residents should contact FCC Environmental on 01495 755890 regarding their waste charges
  • Use a private company which is an authorised waste carrier. The company must provide you with a waste transfer note which states where the waste is going for disposal.

DIY waste is defined as the waste produced as a result of a major renovation or DIY project to your property.

Examples of such projects include – renewing your bathroom suite or kitchen, digging up your garden to lay a patio, knocking down internal walls or chimney breasts. This is not an exhaustive list. If you have any queries, please contact a member of the waste team before attending the site.

Can I dispose of commercial and trade waste at the Household Waste Recycling Centre?

Yes, but there is a charge. For details phone 01495 755890.

I don't have transport but have bulky waste to get rid of, what can I do?

Torfaen County Borough Council operates a Bulky Collection Service for larger items of household waste such as furniture and white goods. For details of items collected and associated charges visit the Bulky Household Items - Collection Service page.

Location and Opening Times

Household Waste Recycling Centre, Panteg Way, New Inn.

Mon-Sat - 7.30am to 5.45pm
Sun - 9.00am to 5.45pm

Please arrive by 5:45pm to enable all waste to be offloaded prior to the site closing in line with the site’s licence conditions. The gates will close at 5.45pm precisely.

The site is open every day except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

Last Modified: 06/01/2020
For more information contact:

Call Torfaen

Tel: 01495 762200


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