Older Diners

Massive investment

Secondary schools offer more than 4,000 pupils a wider and healthier choice of set menus than ever before. Meals, kitchen staff and equipment have also benefited from investment. This has all helped raise the professionalism of catering staff ensuring they are equipped with the skills to provide the best school meals possible. All seven catering managers meet monthly to ensure success is shared. Connections are also being made between school catering and food technology lessons.

  • Improvements have seen an increase in the uptake of meals in many schools
  • Dishes like pasta have now become the most popular choice in some schools
  • Many canteens have designated healthy eating areas
  • Farm and supermarket visits have been organised for teachers and catering managers so they can learn more about ‘field to plate’.

SNAG Groups

SNAG groups in secondary schools are made up of pupils, teachers, catering staff, finance managers and parent governors. They give everyone a say and a chance to influence what’s on the menu. 

“The Snag helps promote healthy eating and gives us a say on what we want, There is a variety of people in the room who all get the chance to get their voices heard.” Cerys Williams, 15, of West Monmouth school


A survey of secondary school pupils last year found that the majority rated school meals as delicious or good. A further survey is due to be carried out this year. 

“Everything is moving forward at a pace. The message about eating healthy for life is really getting across and we’ve seen a 30 to 40 per cent increase in the uptake of school meals. 

“Pupils have been really positive and feel part of changes as they are actively involved. They didn’t even complain when we removed chocolate from all the snack machines.” Belinda Edwards, Business Manager, Abersychan Comprehensive School 

“I’m a vegetarian and there are always at least three options for me to choose from every day which is great because at some restaurants you only have one or two choices.” Abie Morgan, 17 

“School meals help keep your mind fresh. I’ve been attending the school for six years and I’ve seen a massive improvement over the last two years. It used to be just burger and chips but now there is so much more to choose from.” Abby Gray, 16 

"If you eat healthily you can run fast. If you eat fatty foods it's not good for your health and you will just get fat." Amy Sims, 12


Last Modified: 30/08/2019
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