Brown Caddy - Frequently Asked Questions

What can be collected?

All food, both cooked and uncooked.

Is there any type of food that I can’t put in?

Yes. No Liquids or Liquid Fats

What colour bin must I use?

You will be given a brown food caddy to put out for collection. You can use your existing green kitchen caddy to transfer your waste from your kitchen to your bin.

When will it be collected?

Your brown kerbside food caddy will be collected weekly on your normal refuse collection day. Please place your bin at the collection point by 7:00am on the morning of your collection.

Can I still use my green bin for my food waste?

No. Your green bin is for garden waste only.

I don’t have a garden so I no longer need my green bin, can it be removed.

Yes. Please contact Call Torfaen on 01495 762200 to arrange for removal.

What if my food caddy is not collected?

  1. Contaminated caddies will not be collected. If contamination is removed by the resident we will empty the caddy on the next scheduled collection. 
  2. Missed collections due to operational difficulties will be collected within 48 hours
  3. Other missed caddies will be collected on the next scheduled collection

Why are we doing this?

More than a 1/3 of food waste is thrown away some of this waste ends up in the black bin. When it decomposes in a landfill site it produces methane gas which contributes to climate change.

TCBC wants to capture this food waste and turn it into a valuable resource compost.

Will the food in my caddy smell?

No, not if you empty your food caddy regularly into the outside container. Lining your food caddy with paper or a compostable liner (available from retailers and all major supermarkets) will make it easier to empty your caddy and keep it cleaner. Your food waste container has a lockable lid which will stop smells and vermin getting in.

I don’t have time to do this – why should I?

It is important to reduce the amount of food waste going to landfill as it generates methane, a powerful green house gas. It’s easy; all you need to do is follow the instructions in the leaflet.

Can I use plastic bags to line my caddy?

Yes - please see the Plastic Liners - Frequently Asked Questions.

Is it not better to reduce food waste than recycle it?

Yes, because evidence suggests that reducing food waste saves money on food bills.

Can I continue to compost at home?

Yes, if you already compost at home please keep composting your uncooked vegetable and fruit peelings in your compost bin or heap.

What if my outside food container gets too full?

Contact Torfaen’s’ Waste Awareness Officer who will visit and provide you with advice on reducing your food waste and save money. If necessary a second outside food container can be provided by contacting 01495 762200.

What happens to my food waste if I opt out of the food waste recycling service?

If your food waste goes into your black bin it will be disposed of to landfill which has an extremely negative affect on the climate as the rotting rubbish releases methane – a harmful greenhouse gas 23 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

Will the food waste bin attracts animals?

Your outside collection bin has a lid that can be locked or opened by altering the position of the attached handle. We would recommend that the outside food bin is left with the handle upright in the locked position. This also helps with manual lifting.

What happens if I need assistance with the food waste collection service?

If you are having difficulties presenting your rubbish, recycling or outside food bin for collection please contact our offices on 01495 762200. Or www.

What will happen to my food waste after collection?

Once we have collected your food waste, it is taken to a special processing facility where it is treated in an enclosed vessel. As the food breaks down, the temperature is carefully controlled to ensure that the finished product is completely sterile.

The end product will be used for horticultural purposes and for the restoration of landfill and industrial sites.

Can I put my house number on the collection Food Waste Caddy?

Yes – we would recommend that residents put their house number on the collection bin. This will aid a swift return of the bin to the correct address.

Can I wash the kitchen food caddy and outside food bin using cleaning products?

Yes – we would recommend that both containers be washed out periodically. If cleaning products are used please give the containers a final wash out with water. Make sure that the containers are dry before placing the compostable liner in them.

How do I get a replacement for my broken or lost kitchen food caddy or outside food bin?

If your bin has broken through usage then we will provide a free replacement. Please contact us on 01495 762200.

Why do we now need another kitchen waste bin, when we already have a green bin, black bin, recycling box and cardboard bag?

Fortnightly collections of food and green waste together in the green bin has been a big success in Torfaen over the last few years. However in order to meet new statutory targets we now need to collect food waste weekly and separately. This is good news for Residents as they will no longer need to store their food waste for 2 weeks before collections.

To enable the most sustainable treatment of the food waste collected it needs to be collected separately to the green waste. As a result the Welsh Government has provided extra funds to Local Authorities in Wales to assist in the introduction of separate weekly collections of food waste and the development of these new types of facilities.

What legislation is driving food waste collections?

There are targets for increasing recycling and reducing the amount of biodegradable waste that is placed in landfill sites. Biodegradable waste is any sort of material made of natural products that will rot down; examples include paper, cardboard, cotton clothing, green garden waste and food waste. In certain situations, when food waste decomposes in a landfill site it releases methane – a greenhouse gas that can encourage climate change. In addition to the environmental impacts Torfaen County Borough Council could face substantial fines from central government if we do not meet the national recycling targets that have been set for us. Food waste breaks down easily into its natural components much like garden waste. These components can be combined to produce useful compost. Some householders already compost some food waste at home in compost bins and use their green bins. For households that do not use either, we now aim to collect food waste from outside food bins.For information on food waste prevention go to

I live in a flat – will I be able to use this scheme?

It depends. We do provide some flats within Torfaen with weekly food waste collections if there are adequate storage facilities. Please contact us.

What if I have green waste during the months were there is no collection. What can I do with this waste?

During the winter months residents can either take their green waste to the Household Waste Recycling Centre at New Inn or obtain a compost bin to compost at home. For advice on home composting please contact Torfaen County Borough Council 01495 762200.

Last Modified: 17/10/2019
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