Replacement Purple Lidded Bins - Frequently Asked Questions

Why have you introduced a charge for the replacement of purple lidded bins?

Over the past few years there has been an increasing demand in the number of requests for replacement purple lidded bins over and above any other type of waste container thereby increasing costs incurred by the Council. Elected Members approved the charge for a replacement purple lidded bin as part of 2013/14 budget proposals.

By introducing this charge it will encourage residents to place their numbers on their receptacles and retrieve their purple lidded bin following collection. Research from other local authorities shows that there where charging schemes are introduced then a 50-70% reduction in demand for purple lidded bins is observed. As a result the change in policy is expected to deliver savings of around £60,000 per year.

What should I do if my purple lidded bin goes missing?

You should look for your bin at your normal waste collection point. You could also look elsewhere in your street in case a neighbour has retrieved your bin by mistake. Bins often re-appear because someone has mistakenly taken the wrong bin after collection.

If you still can not find your bin then please contact Call Torfaen on 01495 762200 to order a replacement bin.

The Council will not collect your black bag waste from any receptacle other than a Torfaen provided purple lidded bin.

Could it have gone into the back of the refuse wagon and will I have to pay for a replacement?

Between 5-10 purple lidded bins fall into the back of the collection vehicle each week.

If your bin goes into the back of the wagon or is damaged by the mechanism or the crew, we will have a record of this and you will be notified by the crew via a leaflet left through your door. A new bin will be delivered free of charge to your property before your next purple lidded bin collection day.

How do I order a new purple lidded bin if mine goes missing?

Please contact Call Torfaen on 01495 762200 to place your order; payment must be made when ordering your bin.

How much does it cost?

On the 2 December 2013 a charge of £20 was introduced for a replacement purple lidded bin. However, as of the 14 February 2017 this has been reduced to £5 for a replacement purple lidded bin.

How do I pay for my bins?

Payment is required in advance of bin requests being processed and can be made by one of the following methods:

  • Over the telephone - via debit or credit card
  • At the Council Cash Office – payment via cash, cheque or card

What does the charge cover?

The charge is a service charge and contributes towards the administration and delivery of the bin. The bin remains the property of Torfaen County Borough Council.

When will the bin be delivered?

Once payment has been received, we will endeavour to deliver your replacement bin before your next purple lidded bin collection day.

Will I have to sign for delivery of the purple lidded bin?

Yes, a signature is required for receipt of your bin. You can nominate a neighbour to receive your bin. In this case your bin will be delivered to your nominated person who will have to sign for your bin.

If you are not home when we deliver your bin, we will deliver and leave a card to say it has been delivered. Please note that TCBC cannot take any responsibility if in this instance a bin goes missing and you will need to purchase another replacement bin.

Will I get a receipt for my payment?

If you need a receipt you should ask at the time of payment and one will be provided.

Can I collect a purple lidded bin from the council?

Purple lidded bins are available for delivery only and you are not permitted to collect them.

What will happen if I refuse to pay for a replacement wheelie bin?

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, Torfaen County Borough Council has a legal obligation to collect household waste but only from a container that we specify. We have specified that residual waste will only be collected if contained within a TCBC marked purple lidded bin. If you chose not to purchase a replacement bin, we will not collect your waste and you will need to make alternative arrangements for disposing of your waste.

You can take your waste to the Household Waste Recycling Centre located at Panteg Way, New Inn, Pontypool.

Please do not flytip your waste. We have Enforcement Teams who investigate incidents of fly tipping in Torfaen, and we will take enforcement action against anyone found to have flytipped their waste.

Can I buy my bins from somewhere else?

No. The Council will not empty non TCBC supplied wheeled bins. Alternative bins may not be compatible with the bin lifting equipment on the waste collection vehicles. Collecting these bins could pose a risk to our collection crews as the bins could fall off. TCBC bins comply with our design specifications and conform to the required British Standards.

If I can’t have a replacement purple lidded bin for free, can I just put my household waste in with my green bin?

No. We will not collect your green wheelie bin if it contains waste other than garden waste.

If you are charging, can I purchase an additional purple lidded bin?

No, we only supply one purple lidded bin per property. If you are struggling to cope with the amount of waste your household produces, we can arrange a visit from the Waste Awareness Officer, to ensure you are maximising your use of our full range of recycling services. Please contact Call Torfaen on 01495 762200 to arrange an appointment.

I have paid for a replacement purple lidded bin but my old one has turned up. What should I do?

We will refund your payment if you contact us before we made arrangements for the delivery of the replacement bin. You will need to call 01495 762200 before 2pm the day before the scheduled delivery to cancel.

If we have already delivered the replacement bin, no refund can be given. Please follow the advice above to ensure your bin is safe in future.

How can I stop my purple lidded bin from being stolen?

Mark your bin clearly with your house name or number. This can be painted on to your bin. Alternatively, wheelie bin stickers can be purchased from various shops.

Do not place your bin out too early or leave it out too long after collection. Your bin should be placed out for collection before 7am on your allocated day of collection but not before 7pm on the day before. The bin should be retrieved no later than 7.30pm the day of your collection.

Why doesn’t my council tax cover the cost of the bins?

Part of your council tax goes towards the collection and disposal of your waste, not for the container from which it is collected. Waste collection is governed by the Environmental Protection Act 1990 Section 45 and Section 46.

Will everybody have to pay the same?

Yes the charge is the same for everybody.

Why should I have to pay when my purple lidded bin is lost or stolen?

The bin is provided for your use by the Council and it is your responsibility to ensure that it is stored safely. To prevent theft you should ensure that your bin is taken in as soon as possible after collection and you should have applied your house number/name to the bin.

Can I claim on my insurance?

You must call your insurance company to check, we cannot advise you on this.

I have built a new house and need bins for my new property. How do I arrange delivery of the waste and recycling bins?

If you have built a new property or converted a building into a domestic property you are required to buy a full suite of waste and recycling containers at a (service) charge of £57.

This will include the following;

  • 55 Litre Black Recycling Box with net x2
  • 23 Litre Brown Food Waste Caddy + green 7 litre kitchen caddy
  • 90 Litre Blue polypropylene sack for cardboard
  • Green Wheelie Bin
  • Purple lidded Bin

You should contact Call Torfaen on 01495 762200 to discuss your requirements.

I am moving to a new home and there is no purple lidded bin there. What should I do?

If you are moving to a newly built property and your waste receptacles have not been provided by the property developer you are required to buy a full suite of waste and recycling receptacles. You should speak to your property developer regarding this issue prior to purchasing your property because they should provide them.

If you are moving to a previously occupied property, and the previous occupier has removed the waste and recycling receptacles, you will be required to buy a new purple lidded bin at a charge of £5. However we will provide your replacement recycling containers free of charge. Additionally, you may wish to raise this with your estate agent, letting agent or landlord prior to signing for your property.

I am moving house; can I take my purple lidded bin with me?

No. Purple lidded bins remain the property of Torfaen County Borough Council and must remain at the property they have been issued to.

Can I appeal or complain against the cost?

No the charge is a standard charge for all replacement purple lidded bins and has been agreed by elected members as council policy. You can raise your concerns with your local ward member.

Is there a charge for other waste containers?

No. Green Bins, Black Recycling boxes, Brown Food Caddies, Green Kitchen Caddies and Blue Cardboard bags are replaced free of charge. You should contact Call Torfaen 01495 762200 to order a new one.

Last Modified: 23/08/2022
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