Missed Purple Lidded Bin Collections - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the policy?

Torfaen County Borough Council will no longer be automatically returning to households where a missed purple lidded bin collection has been reported to the Council. We will only be returning where we can identify that we have not carried out purple lidded bin collections in the street.

Do you miss a lot of purple lidded bins?

We collect 20,000 purple lidded bins every week. Of these we receive around 50-75 calls from residents reporting a missed purple lidded bin collection. However we receive around 10 times more calls compared to our other waste collections. However, there is no reason why the difference should be so great.

Shouldn’t you just not miss them in the first place?

Absolutely. We are working to improve the service that we provide to our residents. We investigate all reports of missed collections and make changes that will help prevent bins being missed in the future. Some missed collections are as a result of access to streets being blocked or problems such as vehicle breakdowns.

However, our investigations have highlighted that many of the calls are not justified and that some residents have not put their bin out on time or refilled their bin following their original collection to avoid recycling their waste.

Why is the policy being introduced?

Going back to collect missed purple lidded bins costs the Council around £77,000 a year. With increasing cost savings the Council cannot afford to sustain this cost and by cutting out repeat and unnecessary journeys we can make our service more efficient and responsive for our residents. Torfaen Councillors introduced the new policy as part of 2013/14 budget proposals.

When does the new policy start?

The policy started on 2 Dec 2013.

I thought you had to pick up my purple lidded bin waste?

The Council is required to provide a waste collection service to our households. Residents are required to place their purple lidded bins out for collection by 7am on the day of their collection. Our Refuse Collection Vehicle will only collect residual waste that is contained within a TCBC marked wheelie bin. If we have carried out collections down your street and your bin is not out on time or is not presented properly we will not be able to collect your waste.

How do you know you’ve carried out purple lidded bin collections?

The Council’s refuse collection vehicles have a vehicle tracking system installed on them. This IT System can track the vehicle throughout the County Borough, and stores this real-time information so that it can be viewed remotely. Data captured on this system includes the time we carried out purple lidded bin collections down any street in Torfaen. Additionally, the driver is also able to record further information on a control unit located in the cab. This information enables more information to be recorded regarding any problems encountered during collections.

My purple lidded bin has been missed – will you come and empty it?

If our vehicle tracking system records show that the Refuse Collection Vehicle (RCV) has visited your street, we will not return for a missed collection.

I understand that in some circumstances you will come back and empty missed bins?

We will ONLY be returning for a missed purple lidded bin collection under the following circumstances:

  • We have been prevented access into the street to provide the collection
  • We have been unable to carry out a collection along the street for some other reason (eg, vehicle breakdown)
  • Adverse weather i.e. snow or floods have prevented our vehicles from carrying out a collection
  • We have missed an assisted lift

For any other circumstance we will not return for a missed collection and the purple lidded bin waste collection will be undertaken at the next scheduled collection time.

Partially Emptied Bins

All of our bins are emptied mechanically on the rear of a refuse lorry. The staff do not handle any of the waste material. The bin is presented to the rear of the vehicle and mechanically emptied. Unfortunately if the waste has been compacted into the bin, it will not empty into the vehicle and remains in the bin. Our staff would not necessarily know that this has occurred, and since we have carried out the collections in the area we will not return for a partially emptied bin. We would advise the resident to ensure that the waste is not compacted into the bin and present it for collection at their next scheduled time.

What should I do with my full bin of waste?

We advise that you wait until your next scheduled collection. Any additional bags can be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centre in New Inn. We offer weekly collections for dry recyclables and food waste, and will return for any missed recycling collections. Please ensure all recyclables are removed from your purple lidded bin waste.

Won’t this policy increase flytipping?

Fly tipping is a criminal offence. Any individuals who do not deal responsibly with their waste will be investigated by the Council’s enforcement team.

I won’t be able to wait until my next collection and I will have extra bags of side waste

You have a responsibility to ensure that your waste does not become a health hazard and that all waste should be contained within the purple lidded wheelie bin. We do not collect bags of side waste that are not contained within the bin. Any additional bags can be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centre in New Inn. Additionally, we offer a large range of recycling facilities which should be fully utilised to minimise purple lidded bin waste.

How do I know if the vehicle has visited the street?

If the Refuse Collection Vehicle has not visited your street, there will likely be other properties on the street with purple lidded bins full. Our vehicle tracking system records will show the movements of each RCV and will confirm if the vehicle has visited your property.

What time is my collection and where should I leave my containers for collection?

Please make sure that your containers are ready by 7am on the day of your collection. Your purple lidded bin should be visible from the road. This is usually where your property meets the pavement unless you live on a private road or walk way in which case you may have an agreed collection point. This does not apply to people on assisted service.

Last Modified: 05/12/2018
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