Active Travel - Integrated Network Map Consultation

In September 2014, the Welsh Government introduced the Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 which places a legal requirement on local authorities in Wales to map, plan, improve and promote routes deemed suitable for active travel.

To meet the requirements of the Act, Torfaen CBC is required to produce an Integrated Network Map (INM) setting out a 15 year programme of improvements to active travel routes. The maps will show the proposed future network of key walking and cycling routes in Torfaen.

Active travel means walking and cycling for everyday short-distance journeys, such as journeys to school, work, or for access to shops or services. Active travel does not include journeys purely made for recreation or social reasons. The Draft Integrated Network Map can be found here. The link will also allow access to the existing routes map.

We would welcome all comments on the suitability and appropriateness of the INM routes included and the infrastructure aspirations indicated, along with any other related suggestions you may have. This can be done by completing the consultation questionnaire.

All responses will be considered for inclusion on the finalised INM, before submission to the Welsh Government for Ministerial inspection by the 3rd November 2017.

Last Modified: 21/01/2019
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