Road Safety Strategy

This section outlines the general policy and context that applies to Torfaen and Wales. 

The primary document for road safety in Torfaen and in Wales is the Road Safety Framework for Wales which was introduced in July 2013. To quote from its foreword “The Framework sets out the Welsh Government’s priorities for road safety and focusses on casualty reduction, which should be at the heart of all road safety interventions.”

The outcome we want to see is that all people are safe on Welsh roads and part of the vision is to see a continued reduction in the number of people killed and seriously injured.

Within the overall objective of improving road safety and reducing the number of people killed and seriously injured there is a specific emphasis to target high risk road users. These are identified in the Framework to be: motorcyclists, young drivers & passengers (16-24 years old) and vulnerable road users. (See ‘Road Safety Targets’ for more information on vulnerable groups).

Through this Framework, Wales has set specific targets for road casualty reduction which apply to the whole of Wales and to each Local Authority area.

The Framework will have an interim review and update in 2017.

Road safety previous to 2013

In 2003 Welsh Government introduced the Road Safety Strategy for Wales (RSSW) which was planned to run through to 2010. This was eventually extended until 2012. The RSSW required each Local Authority in Wales to develop its own specific road safety strategy. When the Road Safety Framework for Wales was introduced it built upon the achievements of the RSSW and there was no longer a requirement for Local Authorities to continue to have individual road safety strategies of their own. However, although the Torfaen Road Safety Strategy is no longer a current and active document, many of the principles established continue within the current day to day activities that the Authority promote and undertake.

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