Road Safety Advice for Older Drivers (70+ years)

Experienced drivers are, in general, safer than those with less experience. But as people get older, their health and fitness, often including eyesight, physical condition and reaction times, begin to decline. Age related conditions can also begin to affect driving ability but this may be different for each person and there isn't an age at which people automatically become unsafe to drive.

Older drivers have often held their licence for many years and the vast majority will not have undertaken any further training since passing their test, despite significant changes in driving conditions and possibly their health.

Many older drivers will effectively self-regulate their driving as they get older – perhaps avoiding certain locations and not driving at certain times of the day/night.

We want to help older drivers retain the independence a car gives them, whilst also ensuring that those continuing to drive do so safely. We recognise that mobility in older age is often considered vital to wellbeing. There are a number of resources and websites that provide information on keeping older people on the road safely for longer and we recommend the following websites in particular:

We also recommend older drivers consider taking regular driving assessments and refresher training. There are a number of national organisations that can provide these services and these can be located under the driver assessment tab or courses tab on the websites listed above.

Your local ADI (driving instructor) may also be able to offer these services.

The websites also provide information on how to approach the decision to retire from driving.

Last Modified: 21/01/2019
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