Road Safety Advice for Motorcyclists

Motorcyclists are the highest risk group on the road but motorcycles and scooters also provide efficient and affordable personal transport for many people and are an essential part of the UK transport scene.

User groups range from urban commuters on small capacity machines to leisure riders on larger capacity motorcycles on rural roads and everything in between.

A novice rider is legally required to undertake Compulsory Basic Training (the CBT) before riding unsupervised on the road. Even at this early stage, additional tuition is available on request via your CBT provider to improve your skills as a learner rider.

We encourage riders with a full motorcycle licence to further develop their skills and defensive riding techniques by undertaking post-test courses and/or workshops covering assessment and/or training. The widest known is the national BikeSafe scheme including Bridging the Gap workshops. These and similar schemes have proved to be of benefit to riders of all levels and experience.

In addition to the above prevention schemes other courses like CRASH Cards are available in Wales to help motorcyclists who have had a collision.

Last Modified: 14/10/2021
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