The Green Cross Code

1. Find a safe place to cross

  • Use a pedestrian crossing if there is one
  • Choose a place where you can see clearly in all directions
  • If an obstacle blocks your view of the road, move to a better place!

2. Stop just before you get to the kerb

  • Do not stand on the kerb keep your toes behind the line
  • If there is no pavement, stand at the edge of the road

3. Look all around for traffic and listen

  • Traffic can come from any direction
  • Sometimes you hear traffic before you see it
  • If you hear an emergency vehicle in the distance, wait and let it pass

4. If traffic is coming, let it pass

  • Never run across when traffic is coming, even if you think there is time. It is hard to judge the speed of traffic
  • Traffic may speed up

5. When it is safe, go straight across the road – do not run

  • Keep looking and listening as you cross
  • Look out for cyclists and quiet vehicles, such as electric cars, as you may not hear them
  • Walk straight across, not diagonally. It is the quickest and therefore safest way across
  • Never run, jump or skip. If you are riding your scooter or bike get off and push it across the road
  • Remember pay attention, keep looking and listening as you cross and NO MOBILE PHONES!!

Other things to remember

Walk on the inside of the pavement, away from the road

  • Staying away from the kerb and the traffic, is much safer for pedestrians
  • When in a group, young people should never walk close to or in the road

Check driveways for moving vehicles

  • Many children walking or on bikes are hurt by vehicles coming out of driveways. Check vehicles in driveways to make sure they are not about to move out
  • Moving vehicles in a drive can be hidden by hedges or walls. The driver may not see you!
  • Watch out for brake and reversing lights, a person in the driver’s seat and listen for engine noise. Electric cars are very quiet and can be difficult to hear
  • If a vehicle is moving, stop and let it pass
  • Only carry on if the driver sees you and waves you past

Safer places to cross the road including pedestrian crossings

  • Pedestrian crossings such as Zebras, traffic light crossings (Puffin, Pelican or Toucan), subways or footbridges
  • Wait for the green man before crossing at Puffin and Pelicans. Always check that it is safe before crossing and that traffic has stopped

Parked cars

If there is nowhere else to cross, discuss how to cross carefully in between parked cars, using the Green Cross Code. Remembering to:

  • Check the gap is not too big or too small. Don’t use a gap a car could park in
  • Check the cars are not about to move
  • Do not cross near large vehicles. You could be standing in a blind spot, where the driver cannot see you.
  • Look and listen from the pavement
  • If you can’t hear and see anything coming, step out and stop by the outside edge of the car
  • Stop, look and listen from the edge of the car
  • Only cross when safe to do so
Last Modified: 21/04/2020
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