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Also, now that the weather has improved thoughts may be turning to cycling.

Safety first! - Even before getting on your bike, give it a check over.

But what do I need to check?

You wouldn’t believe how many bikes there are where brakes don’t work properly. But there’s more to it than brakes and pumping up the tyres. Here you can find the ‘M’ check video for bikes and the Cycle Safety M-Checklist fact sheet. Parents, please teach this to your children.

If you haven’t been on a bike for a while, we suggest you begin on quiet local roads or quiet cycle routes. A little bit of practice will remind you how good your balance is and how much wobble room you may need. When cycling don’t pass parked cars too closely in case a door opens. If you are a car driver, practice “Dutch Reach” before opening the car door. Also, although you did your ‘M’ check, test your brakes as you begin to go downhill to make sure they really do work before you pick up too much speed.

Please be considerate at all times when you cycle. Did you know that Torfaen "cycle routes" have been designed for shared use by cyclists, walkers, wheelchair users and, in parts horse-riders? So when you are cycling on a "cycle route" please give way to walkers, particularly young families, wheelchair users and horse riders.

Cycling with Children

If you have children that have learnt to ride their bike and are planning to go on a bike ride together there are a few things to do first.

Make sure their bike is road worthy and not too big or too small. They may need the seat adjusting if it’s been a while since they were on their bike. Make sure they can reach the floor.

Make sure they are wearing appropriate clothing and chat about what’s safe and why. Make sure their helmet fits them properly and is done up properly. This leaflet can help or watch this short video to find out how

It may also be worth practicing a few skills and making sure they are confident before you go on a longer ride. Find a quiet stretch of road or path to do this safely.

Getting their pedal ready to push off safely. Lots of children find this tricky. Show them how to flick the pedal round with their toes to 2 o’clock position.

Checking over their right shoulder – LIFE SAVER LOOK
It’s really important children get into the habit of checking over their right shoulder to look for traffic. They should do this before any manoeuvre including before they start off and before they stop. To check they are really looking stand behind them and hold up a number of fingers. Get them to shout out how many fingers you are holding up.

Stopping at a specific point. Get them to practice stopping accurately. You could use a bit of chalk to mark a line for them to stop at. They need to be able to stop at the line but without letting their wheel go over line, so they can stop safely at a junction.

For more info read though the cycle smart booklet with your child

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