LDP Examination

Inspector's Report

The Inspector sent his binding Report to the Council on 23rd October 2013; at which time the examination was closed.  It is expected that the Torfaen LDP as amended by the Inspector’s Report will be considered for adoption at Extraordinary Council on 3rd December 2013. The Inspector’s Report and covering letter can be downloaded from the links below.

Torfaen LDP Inspector’s Report

Torfaen LDP Inspector’s Report - Covering Letter

These documents are also available for public inspection, during normal office hours at:

  • Planning & Public Protection Offices, Ty Blaen Torfaen, New Inn;
  • Main Reception, Civic Centre Pontypool; and
  • All public and mobile libraries in Torfaen

Matters Arising Changes

The Planning Inspector who conducted the Examination into the Torfaen LDP requested that several recommended Matters Arising Changes (rMAC's) and Matters Arising changes (MAC's) to the Deposit LDP be the subject of public consultation prior to the finalisation of his Inspector's Report.

The Statement on the rMAC's and MAC's underwent consultation from Wednesday 17th July 2013 until 5pm Wednesday 14th August 2013. All responses received were forwarded to the Inspector who took them into account before finalising his Report. The Responses can be downloaded as ED120.

The statement can also be downloaded as ED117 and the associated Sustainability Appraisal as ED118

Ministerial Housing Statement

The Council also produced at the Inspector's request a statement on the implications of the Ministerial Statement "Stimulating Home Building in Wales" which was issued by the Welsh Government on 17 July 2013.  The Council's statement is included on the list of Examination Documents as ED119 and included an invitation for any Representors who commented on the matters discussed during Hearing Session 2 (whether they appeared at the Sessions or not) to make any comments in writing to the Programme Officer. 

All responses received were forwarded to the Inspector who took them into account before finalising his Report. The Responses can be downloaded as ED121.

Information following Hearing Sessions

The Inspector completed all the planned hearing sessions, including the resumed Session 2 which was held on 18 June,  He also undertook all of the accompanied and unaccompanied site visits he considered necessary to assist him in preparing his Report. For each hearing session the Council prepared a summary of the proposed changes to the Plan arising from the discussion; these are listed as EDs 89 to 101 and ED116, which form the basis of the Statement of rMAC's and MAC's referred to above. 

Further Focussed Changes

The Council consulted on Further Focussed Changes it proposed to make to the plan from Monday 3rd December 2012 to Friday 1st February 2013 at 4:30pm. This was in respect of consequential changes of reinstating the South Sebastopol SAA6, clarification on matters relating to the overall LDP housing numbers and the affordable housing target and the need for a Monitoring Framework for the site.  Focussed Changes were also proposed for a new Gypsy & Traveller site at the Former Race AFC Football Pitch, Cwmynyscoy, Pontypool. 

The Statement of Further Focussed Changes is available to download here

Further to the above, a Sustainability Appraisal (SA) (incorporating Strategic Environmental Assessment) was undertaken on the Further Focused and Minor Changes. The findings of this appraisal are set out in the Sustainability Appraisal to the Further Focused Changes which is available to download here for information purposes.  This document also includes a Habitats Regulations Assessment Screening of the Further Focussed Changes.

Pre Hearing Meeting 6th February 2013

Please see below information following the above meeting.

Pre Hearing Meeting Agenda

Guidance Notes for Representors

Covering letter sent out to Representors

Minutes of the Pre Hearing Meeting

Hearing Timetable

Matters and Issues

Notification of the Pre Hearing Meeting

The Inspector gave notification of the Pre Hearing Meeting to be held on Wednesday 6 February 2012 at 10am at Pontypool Active Living Centre.  The Letter advising of the meeting is available to download here.

Council Meeting - 20th November 2012/Definitive LDP Timetable

As a result of the October and November 2012 Council Reports and the correspondence between the Council and Inspector, the Examination was resumed on 3rd December 2012.

The report to the Council meeting on 20 November 2012 also included a range of other proposed focussed changes but the Inspector came to the view that expanding the consultation exercise to include these additional changes would risk there being some uncertainty as to which version of the plan was being examined.  He therefore suggested to the Council that the additional changes be brought forward at the examination hearings, likely to take place in the Spring of 2013, where there will be an opportunity for anyone affected by them to make their views known.   

The Council Report of the 20 November 2012 is available at the following link. The Approved Definitive LDP Timetable is available at Appendix 4 of this report.

Torfaen Council held an Extraordinary Meeting on 20th November 2012, and agreed Further Focussed Changes in relation to the outstanding matter of allocating a new Gypsy & Traveller site to meet Torfaen's needs, the 'Definitive' LDP Timetable and a variety of other Further Focussed Changes.

Further correspondence then took place between the Council and the Inspector, which can be downloaded from the links below.

Council Meeting - 23rd October 2012

Torfaen Council held an Extraordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 23 October 2012 to discuss its Local Development Plan (LDP). The meeting saw Councillors consider the LDP Inspector's recommendation to withdraw the plan, specifically in the light of the Council's decision to remove the South Sebastopol Strategic Action Area.

At this Meeting, Torfaen Councillors voted to reinstate the South Sebastopol Strategic Action Area back into the Council's LDP by reversing Focussed Changes 16a to 16r.

Other matters that remain outstanding in respect of the LDP were considered at a later meeting of the Council on 20th November 2013.

For more information, the agenda and report for the Extraordinary Meeting of 23rd October 2012 is available to download here.

Further correspondence then took place between the Council and the Inspector, which can be downloaded from the links below.

Recommendation to Withdraw LDP

On 2 August the Inspector wrote to the Chief Planning Officer recommending that the LDP should be withdrawn. The Inspector's Letter dated 2 August 2012 is available to download here.

Further correspondence has taken place between the Welsh Government and the Council, which can be downloaded from the links below.

The initial Council Meeting was postponed; but took place on the 23rd October 2012. Further details in relation to the postponed initial meeting are contained in a Letter to the Inspector dated 6 September 2012, which is available to download here.

Notes of Exploratory Meeting

An Exploratory Meeting to consider the way in which the examination of the LDP was to be progressed was held on 24 July 2012. It was intended to address the Inspector's concerns over housing provision, and in particular the removal of the South Sebastopol strategic Action Area and its associated allocations, and the provision for Gypsies and Travellers. A Note of the Exploratory Meeting held on 24 July 2012 is available to download here.

Submission of the LDP to Welsh Government May 2012

The Torfaen Local Development Plan and associated evidence base was submitted by the Council to both the Welsh Government and Planning Inspectorate on the 16th of May 2012. 

The Inspector

Planning Inspector Mr B Juniper BSC DIPTP MRTPI conducted the examination in respect of the Torfaen Local Development Plan. His role was to consider all the evidence to ensure that it is based on sound information and thinking and that the views of those with concerns about the plan were considered. The Inspector published his Binding Report on 23rd October 2013, at which time the examination was closed.

The Programme Officer

The examination process was administered by the Programme Officer Hayley Sullivan who was an impartial officer of the Examination and worked under the direction of the Inspector. 

Examination Library

The Examination Library consists of the submitted documents and the planning related documents that have informed the Deposit LDP and examination documents. Please refer to the link/s below for further information:

  • Submitted Documents
  • Examination Documents
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