Civica Pay Education system upgrade

Posted on: Thursday 20 October 2022

Important message for Parents/Carers

The Civica Pay Education system will not be available tomorrow morning (21/10/22) due to a security upgrade and improvement. 

Payments cannot be made between 10am and 1pm and parents and carers are asked not to log in during this time.

If you make ad hoc payments you will not be affected by this change but you will need to go through additional security if you choose to save your card or subscribe to auto-top ups.

If you have saved a card to your account or subscribed to auto-top ups, you will be required to perform a one-off security check before using your card in this way. 

Saved Cards

You will not be able to use your saved card(s) at the check-out without undertaking this one-time security check. Before making any further payments using a saved card, you are advised to delete all your saved cards and re-add them following the on screen instructions, which will probably include entering your home address for the card being saved.

Auto-Top Up Subscriptions

As part of the upgrade all subscriptions have been deleted so you will be required to re-subscribe to the service. This is because the card you used to set up the auto-top up will need to be deleted and re-added as explained above. You will need to follow the steps below :-

  1. Delete your saved card
  2. Re-save your card undertaking the additional security checks
  3. Re-subscribe to the auto-top up service

Additionally, because the auto top up payment is taken when you are not using the systems (i.e. it is taken when the balance reaches the threshold) the check will include submitting a test verification payment for a nominal amount of 10p. The 10p does not actually go through as a payment on your card or on your school meal account, but you may see it as pending within your online banking app or bank statement. After a few days this will disappear, the timing depends on your own bank. 

If you encounter any problems please email

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