School payments system update week ending 24 September

Posted on: Friday 24 September 2021

The project team continue to work with Civica to resolve the on-going problems with the new Cashless Catering System, and the Civica Pay Education parent portal. Progress is being made and this update outlines both resolutions and issues still ongoing.

The issues we’ve reported previously which may still be affecting some parents/carers:

  • Free School Meal (FSM) accounts - The underlying problem has been resolved and adjustments have been made to ensure accounts are treated correctly for free school meal allowances. FSM accounts at all schools will be resolved by the end of next week.
  • Technical problems continue to delay the viewing of transactions and balances on the cashless catering system - If you have emailed to enquire about a balance on your child’s account, please be assured that all enquiries with be dealt with and all parents/carers will receive a full response as soon as we are able. Contact email for school meal balance issues is
  • Registration requests for new starters - Most parents have received registration requests and have registered on the new Civica Pay Education Parent Portal. We are dealing with all parents who have contacted us with problems registering and encourage parents/carers to get in touch if you are still encountering difficulties.
  • Auto Top-Ups - The technical fault encountered by Mastercard Payment Gateway Services when processing auto top-ups has been resolved, however the project team are not convinced that the auto top-up service is functioning as it should. For the next week our advice continues to be to log into the Civica Pay parent portal to:
    • Check your child’s school meal balance
    • Switch off the auto top-up
    • Use Add Funds to make a payment
      Please be assured that the team and Civica Pay are dealing with this issue as a top priority with Mastercard
  • Failed/declined payments - Mastercard Payment Gateway Services have resolved the processing problems encountered by Civica Pay customers nationally and regrettably a lot of our parents. However, work continues with Civica Pay to resolve each and every instance where funds have been taken but are not showing against accounts in Civica Pay. If parents are concerned about payments being taken when in fact they were advised of a decline, please email
  • Primary School Accounts showing on Civica Pay Education parent portal dashboards - We’ve received a number of calls and emails from parents whose children have moved up from primary school to secondary but are still seeing the primary account on the dashboard. This is causing confusion and payments have been made on primary accounts instead of secondary. A fix for this is being applied next week and accounts with zero balances at primary will automatically drop off the parent portal.

Parents/carers are advised not to use the system for payments next Wednesday (29th) from 11 am to 4pm as they will not be processed due to essential maintenance taking place.

The project team will continue to keep parent/carers updated until all problems are resolved and would like to thank everyone for their patience and co-operation.

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