Residents of Upper Cwmbran get involved in our consultation

Posted on: Thursday 9 September 2021

The Council are considering reopening or permanently closing a footpath which lies between 68 Thornhill Road and Merthyr Mawr, Thornhill Road, Upper Cwmbran, and we need residents to help us decide what happens.

Historically, the footpath provided a link between Tram Road and Thornhill Road, however after the path became subject to anti-social behavior it was closed in 2006.

Since 2006, there hasn’t been evidence of anti-social behavior in or around the footpath or the local area. Therefore, the Council believes it is now appropriate to begin consultation around the future of the foot path.

If the footpath is reopened for public access a link would be re-establish between Tram Road and Thornhill Road. The industrial fencing would be removed from each end of the footpath and undergrowth would be cleared.

However, as the footpath is not owned by the Council it would mean that the reopened footpath would not be subject to regular maintenance or clearing of undergrowth in the summer months by the Council.

If the footpath was to permanently close, the land over which the footpath runs would return to its original owner, or if the owner cannot be found the land would be owned by the adjacent properties. The Council would at this point remove the industrial fencing currently in place, and how that would be replaced would be for the owner(s) to consider.

Consultation about the future of the footpath is now live on the Council website so get involved today.

Closing date for responses Thursday 7th October.

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