Enforcement officers go back to school

Posted on: Friday 3 September 2021

Parents and carers who drive their children to school will be given road safety advice at the school gates this term.

Torfaen Council’s Civil Parking and Environmental Enforcement Officers, and Gwent Police, will be visiting schools to highlight the dangers of driving and parking close to school buildings, and to promote alternatives such as parking further away or using alternative forms of transport. However, those breaking the law could be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice of £70.

Research shows that air pollution inside a car is generally higher than that experienced by pedestrians in the street, which is why walking or cycling to school is a great way to travel to school. Active travel is also great for children’s fitness, it reduces obesity and aids concentration

Councillor Mandy Owen, Executive Member for the Environment, said: “We know a lot of schools have parking problems during the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up times, which is why we are encouraging parents to consider how they make their school run - and walk or cycle if possible. If that isn’t an option, it would help if you park a little further away than usual.

“The extra congestion can cause a nuisance for residents, other road users, and it can endanger lives as children cross between parked cars or people have to walk onto the road because a vehicle is obstructing the pavement. Walking also helps reduce our environmental impact and reduces air pollution.

“Our enforcement officers and Gwent Police will at some point be visiting all schools in the area to help educate people dropping off/picking up children about the dangers of illegally parking. Therefore, I would just like to remind residents that the aim of the officers is to educate people and not issue fines unless it’s absolutely necessary.

“We hope residents support the officers in their quest to keep the schools gates clear and safe and treat them accordingly.”

Inspector Aled George, Gwent Police, said: “We’re committed to working with partners to increase road safety in Gwent.

“The areas around schools are places which involve high volumes of traffic at peak times and many vulnerable pedestrians.

“It is important that drivers drive slowly, exercise vigilance and show consideration for others.

“We would also encourage drivers to allow plenty of time for their journey in order to park safely and legally in a designated parking space, even if this means a longer walk in to the school, and to consider the impact on nearby residents who need to access the highway at all times.”

Torfaen Council is consulting on active travel routes in the borough to help increase the number of people who walk or cycle for routine journeys. To take part, visit: https://getinvolved.torfaen.gov.uk/neighbourhoods/active-travel/

To find out more about civil parking visit www.torfaen.gov.uk/cpe

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