Primary school children get energy savvy

Posted on: Thursday 18 November 2021

Primary school children in Torfaen have been getting energy savvy as part of Switch Off Fortnight which ends on Sunday 21st November.

This year 25 schools in Torfaen signed up to take part in Switch Off Fortnight.

At the end of the fortnight, schools will be given their results to find out how much energy they have saved.

Switch Off Fortnight is a nationwide campaign that takes place every November to encourage schools to switch off lights and electrical appliances when not in use for two weeks. The goals for schools are to help them save energy and monitor the impact of changing user behaviour on the school's energy use.

The Council’s Energy Officer Ceri Williams visited several primary schools during the fortnight to talk about energy saving and climate change.

Ella, who is in Year 6, and is a member of Ysgol Panteg’s eco council said: “I am looking forward to learning how we can save the planet and to teach other pupils too. We can also practice what we learn in the school and in the house. Everybody can make a difference!”

Dr. Matthew Dicken, Head of Ysgol Panteg, said: “As COP26 was taking place it was an opportune time to be thinking about our energy usage and our steps to protect our planet. Schools have to lead the way with all aspects of creating a culture of sustainability – but more than that: a culture of care.”

Councillor Richard Clark, Executive Member for Education, added: “This is a great opportunity for schools and pupils to understand how simple steps like switching off lights when they are not in used can make a big difference to energy use.

“Our energy officer Ceri does a great job of inspiring pupils to be more energy aware and to become leading examples to their families and friends.”  

Our climate change and nature emergency consultation closes on Sunday 21st November so get involved today

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