Setting a Council Budget for 2022/23

Posted on: Friday 5 November 2021

This week, councillors have looked at Torfaen Council’s budget plans for the next financial year, and we’d like you to do the same.

The mid-year budget review, which identifies how much the council expects to receive in 2022/2023 and what services predict they will need, is expected to reveal a potential funding gap of £1.5 million.

Just like every home in the borough, the council has to manage its finances carefully preparing for what comes in and what goes out each year to ensure it balances the books.

At the beginning of April 2021, we started looking ahead at how much it will cost to deliver all our services in 2022/23 and the challenges of delivering those services whilst ensuring we can balance the books again.

Most of what the council spends goes on caring for people, education services and maintaining a clean and green borough.

At the moment we are forecasting a shortfall which we need to fill. Thankfully the gap we started with has been whittled away and at this point of the process we are now down to a shortfall of around £1.5 million.

At this stage of the budget setting process we must build our budget forecast on a lot of assumptions such as how much we will receive from the Welsh government, how much it will cost to pay people and how much all the goods we buy to deliver services will cost us including anticipating inflation rates. What we get from Welsh government each year is never quite enough to do everything we are expected to do, so we make up the shortfall through efficiencies, savings, council tax and charges.

Later in the budget process when some of these unknowns are known, we will ask you again for your views on what is hoped will be a small list of proposed savings and efficiencies to help bridge the gap.

So at this stage of the year we’re asking you:

* What can we do differently
* What should we be spending more on?
* What should we stop doing?
* What can we reduce?
* What could we charge more for?

Our rules of engagement are simple: there are no bad ideas, be radical, be challenging and be random! Let's get all our ideas out in the open and see where it takes us!

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