Cold weather ready

Posted on: Tuesday 2 November 2021

Every year the council provides a highways winter service to keep the borough moving. With a stock of 5600 tonnes of salt, a fleet of 10 gritters, and a standby work force ready to react to changing conditions 24 hours a day, the service is run by a core of 30 drivers and officers on call.

Weather forecasts are received three times a day from our forecaster Meteogroup and road temperatures are monitored from a series of weather stations across the borough, allowing the council to grit roads only when needed, and when it is most effective to do so.

All A and B roads, main bus routes, main distribution routes and routes in proximity to schools, industrial and retail areas are prioritised and will be treated on a precautionary basis each time forecast conditions dictate, with other more minor and residential roads treated when required in severe weather, as and when resources allow, once the main network is cleared.

There are 794 salt bins located across the borough for residents to use on footways and side roads in their local areas. The council is reminding residents to use the salt responsibly – a thin layer, spread evenly on ground that has been cleared of any snow is usually all that is needed to be effective.

All salt bins are currently being checked and refilled ready for winter. The salt in these bins is for use on public footways and roads only, it is not for use on private drives and footpaths.

Councillor Mandy Owen, Executive Member for the Environment, said: “We currently salt around 53 per cent of our highway network, and prioritise the main routes. Despite our best efforts it is not possible to keep roads completely free from ice and snow, and we would remind drivers to take extra care over the winter months, reduce their speed and increase the distance between cars in front.”

Residents can use the council’s mapping system to check whether their road is on a gritting route, and to find their nearest grit bin.

To report an empty grit bin during the winter, or request a new one, visit here or call 01495 762200. Please be aware all requests for grit bins are assessed and prioritized and it may not be possible to supply a new bin straight away.   

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