Wales Nature Week 29 May - 6 June

Posted on: Friday 28 May 2021

This year, the Wales Biodiversity Partnership (WBP), are asking the public to explore, discover and share their nature stories and experiences during Wales Nature Week (29 May – 6 June).

Each day they will be highlighting different habitats and the myriad of species that can be encountered.

The WBP are kicking off the week with the return of the popular Garden BioBlitz on the 29 May- so be sure to join in! Helpful tips and support from our community of experts will make sure participation is fun and informative.

On the 5 June the WBP will be celebrating Local Nature Partnerships so residents can discover what’s happening in their local area and how they can help.

A relaxing day focusing on well-being and nature completes this year’s offering. So be sure to check their schedule and social media channels for regular updates.

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