97 per cent of households respond to Census 2021

Posted on: Friday 21 May 2021
Census 2021

The response to Census 2021 has exceeded all expectations, with 97 per cent of households across England and Wales making sure they count when it comes to local services like school places, GP surgeries and hospital beds.

This is above the pre-census target of 94 per cent, while all local authorities have seen over 90 per cent of households respond, exceeding an 80 per cent target.

Now the main field operation has ended, as in 2011, around 350,000 households across England and Wales will be invited to take part in the Census Coverage Survey (CCS).

This short, separate, interviewer-led survey will enable the ONS to get a final view of the response rates. 

“We’ve had an amazing response to Census 2021. Our information shows 97 per cent of households have responded so far – exceeding our pre-census target of 94 per cent,” the ONS’s Deputy National Statistician Iain Bell said.

“Those who have taken part have done so to ensure they are represented for their local area. I’d like to thank everyone who has filled out their form so far as
well as all the community groups, organisations and local authorities who have helped us make this census a success.

We’re in a great place as we begin our Census Coverage Survey. This is an important part of making sure the census produces the most accurate population statistics. It asks similar questions to the main census, just fewer of them, at addresses in a selection of postcodes across England and Wales.

The CCS is a voluntary survey, but by taking part, you will improve the quality of the information the census gathers. This, in turn, helps to plan and fund local
services in your community.”

Some households should have already started to receive a card through the post asking them to take part in the Census Coverage Survey.

Following the government’s COVID-19 guidelines, an interviewer will then carry out the survey on your doorstep and it will only take around 15 minutes. The interviewer will be able to show an ID badge on a Census 2021 branded lanyard.

For more information on the CCS visit Census Coverage Survey - Census 2021

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