Key political appointments made at AGM (2021)

Posted on: Tuesday 18 May 2021

At the annual general meeting (AGM) of Torfaen council on Tuesday 18th of May, all the key political appointments to the council's cabinet, committees and outside bodies were confirmed for the year ahead. 

The first act of the AGM was to appoint a new Presiding Member and Deputy Presiding Member for the municipal year 2021/22, to chair Council meetings. 

Cllr Rose Seabourne was re-elected as the council’s Presiding Member and Cllr Peter Jones was re-elected as Deputy Presiding Member. 

Following nominations for the position of Leader of the Council, Cllr Anthony Hunt received 32 votes and Cllr Ron Burnett 7 votes with 2 abstentions and Cllr Anthony Hunt was duly re-elected. Cllr Richard Clark was re-elected as Deputy Leader of the Council and will also hold the portfolio for Education. 

Cabinet members have been re-appointed to the following portfolios for the year ahead:

  • Executive Member for Education – Cllr Richard Clark
  • Executive Member for Children, Families & Communities – Cllr Fiona Cross
  • Executive Member for Environment – Cllr Mandy Owen
  • Executive Member for Resources - Cllr Kelly Preston
  • Executive Member for Corporate Governance & Performance – Cllr David Yeowell
  • Executive Member for Adult Services & Housing - Cllr David Daniels
  • Executive Member for Economy, Skills & Regeneration - Cllr Joanne Gauden

The Chairs of Committees were all re-elected as follows:

  • Chair of the Healthier Communities O&S Committee - Cllr Richard Overton
  • Chair of the Prosperous Communities O&S Committee - Cllr Gwyn Jenkins
  • Chair of the Cleaner Communities O&S Committee – Cllr Peter Jones
  • Chair of the Children and Young People O&S Committee - Cllr Rose Seabourne
  • Chair of the Cross-cutting Resources & Business O&S Committee - Cllr Stuart Ashley
  • Chair of the Planning Committee - Cllr Norma Parrish
  • Chair of the Licensing Committee - Cllr Giles Davies
  • Chair of the Pensions Committee - Cllr Glyn Caron
  • Chair of the Democratic Services Committee - Cllr Ron Burnett
  • Chair of Audit Committee – to be elected by the committee

In accepting his appointment as Leader of Torfaen Council, Anthony Hunt thanked councillors for their support during an unprecedented year. Cllr Hunt then thanked council staff and community volunteers for their work over the past year, welcomed new councillors and remembered former councillors. Cllr Hunt also paid tribute to the outgoing Chief Executive Alison Ward who retired on the 31st of March.

Cllr Hunt, said: “I am sad to see Alison leave, but pleased for her in a personal capacity after an exceptionally challenging final year in post. Alison will be remembered for her decency and integrity, and was widely respected by her peers in Wales. She was always encouraging, enabling and facilitating others and shone a light on her council colleagues rather than being in the limelight. Our council has a better future thanks to her work, so thank you Alison – the council wishes you a long and happy retirement.”

Torfaen’s assistant chief executive officer, Nigel Aurelius, said: “Alison shaped the culture of this organisation from the day she was appointed. Never afraid to lead transformation and do things differently, Alison led with kindness and compassion over 16 years in the face of many difficult decisions, and always remained calm in a crisis for which we all owe her a debt of gratitude.”

Incoming chief executive officer Stephen Vickers will take up his role on the 5th of July.

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