Have a waste free BBQ

Posted on: Friday 16 July 2021

If you’re making the most of the sun this weekend by having a BBQ here’s some top tips on how to make it waste free.


  • If you can, don’t use a disposable BBQ. If you only have a few BBQ’s a year see if you can borrow one from family or friends
  • Try and plan how much food to buy beforehand. Don’t leave it until the last minute or you’re more likely to buy more food than you need
  • If you do have any leftover food, either put it in your brown food waste caddy for recycling, compost it, or visit the Love Food Hate Waste website for meal ideas
  • Put your recycling boxes nearby so you can recycle anything as soon as it’s finished. This will save you time tidying up after the BBQ, and will encourage guests to recycle too
  • Use reusable cutlery, plates and cups instead of disposable ones

We’d love to see some photos of BBQ fun around the borough on the weekend so please share them with us on Facebook @torfaen @cyngortorfaen or Twitter @toraencouncil @toraencym

To find out more and waste and recycling in Torfaen visit our website

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