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Posted on: Friday 9 July 2021
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Following the long running success of Torfaen Sports Development’s female only #ifyougoigo programme, it’s finally time for the men of Torfaen to step up and take on a similar challenge!

Torfaen BetterMan kicked off this week and will see 8 local men take part in a 10 week programme which focuses on breaking down the barriers and stigma that many men feel when it comes to living a healthier, more active lifestyles.

As part of the campaign, Torfaen Sports Development will:

  • Provide a support network to ensure the men use sport and physical activity to improve the self-esteem and mental resilience  
  • Listen to men who want to be more active, understand the reasons why they’re not doing as much activity as they would like to do and work with them to make it as easy as possible.
  • Promote exercise, and not just sport – national research shows that not everyone wants to be competitive, but that shouldn’t stop you taking part in regular exercise.
  • Show that exercise and being physically active is the ‘norm’ for men of all ages, sizes and faiths and communities – it’s about the right people, in the right place at the right time and coming together as one to achieve their goals.

Participants will get the chance to take part in a range of activities to develop a fitter, stronger and healthier version of themselves, including a series of group and PT sessions, nutrition advice sessions and mentoring. They will also have the opportunity to link with local clubs to try new sports and activities.

The BetterMan programme was originally meant to kick off in April 2020 but the project came to a standstill due to the pandemic and plans went out of the window.

Fortunately the same group of men were able to stay in touch online throughout lockdown. As walking took off during lockdown, the men did a number of individual walks, reporting back to the group how far they went and shared different routes for others to try.

Ben Jeffries, Torfaen Sports Development Officer, said: “It’s well known that exercise helps offset chronic disease but since the pandemic started more people have turned to exercising on their own as a way to support their own emotional state and mental well-being.

As we began to return towards normality and new ways of living and working, we want to be able to establish a support network through Torfaen BetterMan that not only supports those on the 10-week programme, but the male population of Torfaen as a whole.”

Torfaen Executive Member for Education, Cllr Richard Clark said, “This is a fantastic opportunity for men in the borough to come forward, set goals and work to become the best version of themselves.

BetterMan will work across communities and aim to tackle the stigma attached to men’s mental health. If you would like be involved in the future of Torfaen BetterMan whether as a participant, a local club or in any other way, our Sports Development team would love to hear from you.”

The second innings of BetterMan is due to take place in October 2021 and applications for the 10 week programme are now open.

If you’re a man aged 18+ living in the Torfaen area, you can put yourself forward for the BetterMan programme by submitting a 1 minute video on why you feel you would benefit from being part of the programme.

You will need to send a direct message to the Torfaen BetterMan Facebook page or email it directly to

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