Please use litter bins for litter and dog waste only

Posted on: Wednesday 24 February 2021

We’ve had reports over the last few weeks that household waste bags are being put in litter bins. This is not the proper use of a litter bin, and can result in bins overflowing, leading to more litter in neighbourhoods.

Residents should be aware that putting household waste in a litter bin is classed as fly-tipping and anyone found doing this could be prosecuted.

Litter bins are only to be used for small items of litter such as wrappers, drink bottles etc which you may have on your person whilst out and about. They can also be used for dog waste if it is properly bagged.

Please respect our litter bins so others can use them.

If you see bins being misused, you can report it to us on 01495 762200.

If you need additional recycling bags, boxes or bins you can request them online.

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