Funding approved for high-tec innovations in Adult Care

Posted on: Tuesday 2 February 2021

Torfaen Council has progressed two projects aimed at finding innovative solutions to improve care for residents.

The projects are the latest stage in the UK Government funded GovTech Challenge, to improve the delivery of services in adult social care.

The council has whittled the challenge down to two successful companies who both receive funding to develop their innovations over the next year.

The companies will receive up to £500,000 from the Cabinet Office GovTech Catalyst fund to develop innovative ways of working.

Nquiringminds has proposed CareAnalytics, a digital system that makes better use of data. Using state-of-the-art security and privacy protocols it will combine internal and external information to help staff make better long term and collaborative decisions. Blending data sources will give care providers a personalised view of the information they need to do their job, collaborate, and make decisions. In the background, modelling and statistical techniques are applied so that trends in the data can be used to ensure care is well planned, timely and effective. 

Spry Care are developing a new home care procurement tool which aims to save time, increase agency engagement, choices for care users and will develop a deeper understanding of the local care marketplace. It will balance numerous complex metrics such as journey times, carer preference, needs and predicted likelihood of the agency accepting the care visit to deliver the best care package.

Care users, unpaid carers and families will directly exercise choice over carer selection, budget control and can flex care services up or down where desired. Families will receive notifications after visits, can check budgets and make updates to care plans.

Torfaen’s Executive Member for Adult Services, Cllr Dave Daniels, said: “These innovative projects were selected from a number of high quality concepts which all offered innovative solutions to the challenge of better adult social care. I’m excited to see how both progress in the next phase.”

The GovTech Catalyst has provided backing for five projects to help create better adult social care systems. The awards are part of the £20 million Govtech Catalyst Programme, launched by the Cabinet Office in November 2017 to help innovative tech firms solve public sector challenges through innovation and emerging technologies.

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