Torfaen Youth Service win mock Senedd election

Posted on: Friday 23 April 2021
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Five Young People from Torfaen Youth Service have recently taken part in a virtual Mock Senedd Election, competing against other young people political parties from across Wales.

Leo Perham, Taylor Gibney, Jordain Hamilton, Julianne Baker and Kyle Bleakly all formed part of the Torfaen Youth Service group ‘Future Young People’, which went on to win the mock election after eloquently presenting their manifesto for change, addressing matters such as support for young people’s wellbeing and a fair justice and education system for all.

The purpose of the virtual event was to raise further awareness about young people aged 16+ being able to vote for the first time ever in the Senedd elections, which takes place on the 6th May.

Leo Perham (aged 16) said, “It was a fantastic experience for us to take part in the mock election where we highlighted issues we face as youth today. I’m grateful for the help that Torfaen youth service and Torfaen Young Carers have provided to us.”

Taylor Gibney (aged 17) said, “When we won the mock elections, I was shocked but completely amazed for our team. We put our thoughts and voices together to try and make young people’s lives better in Wales.”

David Williams, Torfaen Youth Service Manager said, “We are so proud of all the young people who took part, those presenting and those who worked behind the scenes. Engaging in democracy is so important and these informed, politically minded, socially aware young people demonstrated why they are more than able to vote at 16! Well done all.”

After the event the young people were interviewed by Lloyd Lewis from the Welsh sevens rugby team, Pontypool RFC and Zahra Errami from ITV Wales to further discuss their manifesto.

The event recording is now on YouTube and Senedd TV

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