Residents asked to display caution

Posted on: Tuesday 22 September 2020

Torfaen Council’s Trading Standards team have been made aware of book sales people operating door to door within the borough.

Please be aware that these sellers are not working in conjunction with the council’s education service or with schools.

We advise individuals thinking of purchasing Educational books from these individuals to consider the following before doing so:

  1. In the current pandemic, it is unlawful for sales people to enter your home.
  2. The sellers have not been authorised or endorsed by the local authority to carry out cold calling within Torfaen
  3. The sellers are not working alongside or in conjunction Torfaen schools
  4. Is the subject matter relevant to the Welsh curriculum?
  5. Can similar books be purchased cheaper?
  6. Don’t be pressured into purchasing books without considering the offer. If in doubt, ask the caller to come back once you have digested all the information. It is a criminal offence if the seller states that any offer given will not be available again. This includes if the seller states they are only in the area for one day.
  7. Cold callers MUST provide cancellation rights, in writing giving individuals the RIGHT TO CANCEL within 14 days providing the total cost of the goods is over £42. Failure to provide cancellation rights is a criminal offence.
  8. If cancellation rights have not been provided, any contract you have signed may be unenforceable.

If people are concerned they can contact Trading Standards at

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