It's National Adoption Week!

Posted on: Monday 12 October 2020
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One of the best ways to inspire people to adopt is by sharing success stories of those that have been there and done it.

Join in with National Adoption Week on 12 – 18 October by listening to Wales’ first ever adoption podcast, Truth be told: Adoption stories.

Truth be told: Adoption stories, is a podcast from the National Adoption Service that aims to be an informative resource that features a group of adopters discussing their shared experiences together.

The podcast is available in both Welsh and English and features 10 adopters from across Wales discussing a different adoption topic each week - from the first steps to postadoption support. Stories range from same sex adopters and single adopters to older adopters and sibling adopters. You can listen to the podcast here:

You can also register for a lunchtime webinar to hear more honest stories and tips from adopters and adoption workers across Wales:

Wednesday 14 October:
Webinar: Meet the adopters
A chance to meet some of the families from the ‘Truth be told: Adoption stories’ podcast.
12.30pm – English webinar
Register here:
13.00pm – Welsh webinar
Register here:

Thursday 15 October:
Webinar: Proud Families — Supporting the LGBT + community through adoption
In partnership with Pride Cymru, meet members of the LGBT+ community who have been successfully matched through the adoption process.
12.30pm — In English with BSL
Watch here:

Friday 16 October:
Webinar: Mabwysiadu’r Iaith Gymraeg – Adopting the Welsh language
Exploring the adoption process in Wales, the role language plays in families, and signposting to adoption resources and support available in Welsh.
12.30pm – in Welsh with BSL
Register here:

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