Social distancing in the workplace

Posted on: Tuesday 12 May 2020

The Council’s Environmental Health Team have been given powers under COVID-19 Regulations to monitor, investigate and take enforcement action, if necessary, on employers who are not abiding by the requirements for social distancing within the workplace.

If you have concerns in relation to particular businesses not adhering to social distancing measures then you should contact the Team at and we will investigate on your behalf.

Most of the action we have taken so far has been advisory and we aim to support and educate local businesses where we can, to ensure they take the correct steps to allow them to trade safely for their customers and employees.

Where businesses continually flout the law and regulations on social distancing we can and will take enforcement action to prohibit their activities and to protect public health.

If you are business and looking to get back to work safely but need advice on how to do this, then the following links should assist:

Alternatively if you prefer to speak to an officer for advice you can contact us at and we will get in touch.

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