Don't let disposable face masks and gloves spoil our beautiful borough

Posted on: Thursday 11 June 2020

Since Covid-19 began disposable face masks and gloves have become a new stream of litter most of us have noticed around the borough.

Not only do they cause potential harm to wildlife, but also human health. There’s no way to tell if these items have come in to contact with Covid-19 or other diseases which is why we are appealing to residents and visitors of Torfaen to take these items home to dispose of them.

Councillor Mandy Owen, executive member for the environment, said: “Unfortunately Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like face masks and gloves quickly become contaminated, so they shouldn’t be tossed carelessly.

“They are not biodegradable or recyclable, and should always be placed in residents purple lidded bins, and not thrown on the floor.

“We would also like to remind residents to place personal waste such as tissues and wipes which cannot be recycled in the outside purple lidded bin as well. “

If you or someone you live with has/has had symptoms of Covid-19 please double bag any waste and leave them somewhere secure for at least 72 hours before being put out for collection.


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