Essential tree removal to be undertaken along Cwmbran Drive

Posted on: Tuesday 28 July 2020

On Sunday 2nd August essential tree removal will take place along Cwmbran Drive between Rechem roundabout and Ashbridge roundabout between 5am and 5pm, therefore the road will be closed to ensure the safety of staff and road users.

The trees being removed are suffering from a highly destructive disease called Ash dieback, which affects the United Kingdom's native Common Ash (Fraxinus excelsior). Trees infected become unstable, with falling branches and ultimately the whole tree becoming unstable.

Councillor Mandy Owen, executive member for the environment, said: “We don’t like removing trees unless we really have to because of the many benefits trees offer.

“Unfortunately some of the Ash trees along Cwmbran Drive have become unstable due to ash dieback so we have to remove them to keep the highway and highway users safe. Due to the nature of Ash dieback we aren’t sure precisely when branches will start falling off so we are being proactive to ensure the safety of road users.

“The removal of these trees will stimulate growth of the other species that are left, resulting in the tree canopy being replaced over a few years. In such instances, it would not be necessary to replant the lost trees. However if large gaps are created, we may look to plant new trees of an appropriate species.

“We know how passionate some of our residents are about biodiversity so I want to assure you that the decision to remove these trees along Cwmbran Drive has not been an easy decision.”

Find out more about Ash dieback here.

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