"Together we can keep people safe"

Posted on: Monday 6 July 2020

A campaign launches today across Wales to encourage people to contact social services if they are worried that a family member, friend or neighbour is at risk of abuse, neglect and harm.

Social Services in Wales has seen a reduction in referrals to its services since lockdown. Abuse, neglect and harm hasn’t stopped but opportunities to spot the signs have reduced as access to childcare settings, schools, and social situations has been limited.

It is now more important than ever that we look out for each other and encourage people to contact their local social services or call 101 if they are worried that someone could be at risk.

Keith Rutherford, Chief Officer for Social Care and Housing in Torfaen, said: “Social services are open and ready to help if people are concerned that a family member, friend or neighbour needs support.

“Although we have tried to maintain contact with people already known to us before lockdown, there is a risk that abuse, neglect or harm is happening behind closed doors and is even being exacerbated by the pandemic.

“I would encourage anyone who is worried to make the call to social services. It can be a difficult decision but one which could help to save someone from suffering abuse, neglect or harm. You can also call 101 or, in an emergency call 999.

“During this difficult time it’s down to all of us to look out for each other – together we can keep people safe.”

Visit the Safe Help website https://gov.wales/safe-help/keeping-people-safe for more information about local social services and how to raise your concerns. If your call is more urgent dial 101, or in emergency call 999.

Together we can keep children, young people and adults safe.

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