A not so Blue Lagoon

Posted on: Thursday 27 August 2020

Torfaen Council, Blaenau Gwent Council, Caerphilly Council and Gwent Police would like to remind the public that the area known as Blaencuffin Canyon is on private land and that it is not a tourist attraction.

Blaencuffin Canyon is privately owned and while the water may look beautiful, it may not be good for your health and open water can always be deadly.

The area has other dangers too, including steep cliff edges, falling rocks and general filth left by previous visitors.

The landowner has put fencing in place to prevent access and to protect the public and has now employed private security to patrol the area. 

We ask residents and visitors from further afield to stop entering the fenced off area at this location as this will be dealt with as trespassing.

Anyone caught on site will be asked to leave immediately and may be subject to legal action by the landowner.

The three neighbouring councils will continue to work with the landowner, police and partners in the area to reduce antisocial behaviour, damage to the environment and to keep the public safe.

We welcome all visitors so if you are planning to visit the region please follow the links to information about local trails, places to visit and tourist attractions:





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