Popular baby & toddler sessions move online

Posted on: Friday 17 April 2020

Greenmeadow Community Farm has today announced that their popular Baby & Toddler activities which normally takes place every Tuesday at the farm, will now be taking place online.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and gusto of the activity providers involved, parents/guardians and their children will now be able to tune in and enjoy a variety of sessions specifically developed for them.

From next Tuesday, sessions will be available from 10.30am via the Baby & Toddler Greenmeadow Community Farm Facebook page.

Activities will kick off with Jibber Jabber (language development and communication), followed by Vibe Tots (music and movement), Kidslingo (introduction to the French language) and Tots Play (offering a variety of wonderful activities in one class). Some sessions will be live and others pre-recorded.

Kate Holly, Commercial Manager at Greenmeadow Community Farm said, “Many of us know how challenging it can be to provide fun and stimulation for our infants at the best of times and the lockdown situation that we find ourselves in has increased this, putting more pressure on primary carers as they are unable to visit family and friends. We all hope that these sessions will help to brighten the day and lighten the load!”

For more details, please visit the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BTTGreenmeadow/

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