Join the conversation about how to tackle litter in Torfaen

Posted on: Tuesday 1 October 2019
Torfaen litter challenge (eng)

We are in the process of creating our next litter strategy and we want your thoughts and ideas about what should be included in it.

Ensuring Torfaen is a cleaner and greener place to live, work and visit is a council priority. Although it would be unrealistic to expect a completely litter free borough, we want to significantly reduce the amount of litter in it.

Cleaning up litter not only costs the council significantly, but has a negative impact on people’s well-being, and causes harm to wildlife. 

Councillor Anthony Hunt, leader of the council, said: “Our new online tool has been designed to help us have conversations about a range of topics in a safe space for users. Feel free to comment and rate the views and ideas of others who have contributed to the discussion. 

Our rules of engagement are simple; there are no bad ideas, be radical, be challenging and be nice to each other. Let's get all our ideas out in the open and see where it takes us.”

Join the conversation today and let us know how we can reduce the amount of litter in Torfaen. Add an idea to our Torfaen Litter Challenge to get the conversation started.

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