Primary school stretchy plastic recycling scheme launched

Posted on: Tuesday 26 November 2019
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Torfaen CBC has been working with Ysgol Bryn Onnen, Capital Valley Plastics, and FCC Environment to trial the collection of stretchy plastics over the last 5 months to see if a roll out to all primary schools would be possible.

Due to the success of the trial, the council intend to roll out this recycling scheme to all primary schools in Torfaen over the next few months. There will be a competition for schools to take part in where they will have the chance to win a cash prize. The school which collects the most stretchy plastic will win £300, second prize will be £200 and third prize will be £100.

School children at Ysgol Bryn Onnen were asked to take clean plastic items into school so they could be recycled. Items included:

  • Any 5p or 10p carrier bags/ bags for life
  • Bubble wrap (preferably popped) 
  • Bread bags
  • Six pack rings
  • Outer packaging of drinks cans or cartons
  • Any clean, stretchy plastic that carries certain recycling logos

Mr Rhys Ap Gwyn, Head Teacher, Ysgol Bryn Onnen, said: “I am delighted that our school can do something so significant for the local environment.

“We are looking forward to continue working with Torfaen CBC and Capital Valley Plastics to support learning about the impact of plastics on the wider environment.

“To date the school has collected 34.5kg of stretchy plastic, and 100% of this plastic has been recycled into damp proof membranes.”

Daisy Edwards, Sustainability Projects Manager, Capital Valley Plastics, said: ‘By working alongside the council and Ysgol Bryn Onnen it has given us the opportunity to increase awareness of the products that we produce.

“This scheme is a great example of closed loop recycling which means that waste does a full circle without having a negative impact on the environment. It preserves natural resources, and reduces pollution.”

We are extremely pleased with how the project has progressed, and are excited to get the local children involved in the project, we hope it will highlight the importance of recycling as much plastic as we can to protect the environment and keep our oceans and countryside clean.

Cynon Edwards, Group leader strategic waste and operations, Torfaen CBC said: “The support from parents and children is so advantageous in recycling this problematic material.

“Plastic pollution has a big impact on the environment and is currently one of the biggest environmental concerns. However, plastic waste is inevitable in the world we live in.

“We as individuals, and as local authorities, have a duty to help and make people aware of its dangers and take steps to reduce and recycle waste. Every time we make a choice to avoid or recycle plastic products we lower the risk of environmental damage.

“Torfaen are extremely lucky to have Capital Valley Plastics on our door step. They are not only willing to take this material for recycling but be innovative and work in partnership with both us as a local authority, and our private waste management contractor FCC Environment.”

Due to the impact of plastic on the environment, especially our oceans, charity Plastic Oceans UK will also be supporting the new recycling scheme in schools. In partnership with the council and Capital Valley Recycling, the charity will be providing an education programme on this important issue to all primary schools.

Residents can recycle this type of plastic at the Household Waste Recycling Centre at New Inn, Blaenavon Post Office, Broad Street, and the bring bank located on Cwmavon Road.

If any other schools would like to start recycling stretchy plastic, or would like more information about the scheme please phone 01495 762200 or email

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