Look out for your new polling card

Posted on: Friday 3 May 2019

During next week, Torfaen Council will be re-issuing new polling cards to some electors in the borough for the UK European Parliamentary elections taking place on 23 May.

Some Torfaen residents have received polling cards which had been printed missing the first line of polling station addresses.

Lyndon Puddy, Torfaen’s Local Returning Officer said: “Due to a printing error some people have received polling cards without the polling stations full address. We have taken advice from the Electoral Commission and the Regional Returning Officer and to ensure every eligible voter has a full address on their polling card we will reissue polling cards to all electors bar those who have chosen to vote by post.

“To help avoid further confusion and following advice, we will issue the new polling cards in a different colour so the new cards will be grey to draw electors to the card detail.”

A full list of polling stations can be found on the European elections page of the council website.

Residents are reminded they do not need a polling card to vote but Residents have until Tuesday, 7 May to register to vote if they are not already on the Electoral Register.

The closing date to apply for a postal vote is Wednesday, 8 May (5pm) and for proxy votes Wednesday, 15 May (5pm).

Registering to vote only takes a few minutes: register online at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote or telephone the Electoral Services Team on 01495 762200.

A full list of candidates is available on the Wales Regional Returning Officer’s website.

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