Torfaen Adult Learning class contribute to UK Study for Contemporary Adult Reading

Posted on: Thursday 10 January 2019

Torfaen Adult Community Learning’s Essential Skills Communications class has been a part of a growing study headed by University College London about 'Reading Aloud in Britain Today'.

Sam Duncan, Lead Researcher at the University has sought out audiences that work within the remit of her study across England, Scotland and Wales and has chosen Torfaen Adult Community Learning to help her conduct her study.

Reading Aloud in Britain Today (RABiT) is a two-year study of contemporary adult reading aloud practices which ends in May 2019. The purpose of the study is to find out what, where, why, how and whether adults read aloud, or listen to others.

Sam has spoken to a selection of students at Pontypool Settlement over the past year in order to collect their feedback about when, where and why they read out loud to inform her research.

One learner, Helen Jenkins said, "Reading out loud has helped her learn how to use punctuation correctly. ‘Speaking out loud lets me know whether I have put a comma in the right place or more importantly in the wrong place. I will speak out loud on my own when I’m reviewing my written work from class and it’s brought my confidence and abilities on greatly.’ 

Another learner Andrew Tudball said, "Reading things like Shakespeare in a group rather than on your own is much more enjoyable and helps you understand the context better."

Carole Murcutt, ACL Essential Skills Coordinator said, "We are pleased that Adult Community Learning has had an opportunity to be involved in this wide ranging research project and that members of the communication class were able to contribute. It’s great that their interviews now form part of the national archive at the British museum and will be available for future studies.

Find out more about the 'Reading Aloud in Britain Today' study.

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