Council trials new smart technology for social care

Posted on: Monday 4 February 2019
assistive tech

The Lifeline service in Torfaen is currently trialling the use of new smart technology in order to support the most vulnerable people across the borough to overcome the challenges they face daily.  

Lifeline services have traditionally provided an ‘emergency alarm and button’ to enable people to call for help if they have fallen, feel unwell or anxious.

Over the years the service has provided other equipment such as fall detectors, bed sensors, door sensors and smoke alarms, but with new assistive technologies being developed at an increasing rate, the Lifeline service is piloting different technologies to enhance the service they provide. 

This new service is aimed at supporting people who are unable to control their home environment due to poor dexterity, memory or feel socially isolated from their community.  

Councillor Richard Clark, Executive Member for Health, Adult Services and Wellbeing said, "This exciting project demonstrates how new technology can be utilised to achieve greater independence and improve the well-being of vulnerable people in their own homes.

We will be closely monitoring the impact of the pilot and will be asking users for their feedback so we can plan for the future." 

If you want to hear more about the pilot or need to make a referral, please call 01495 762200 ​or email:




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