Tips for visiting the Household Waste Recycling Centre during Christmas and New Year

Posted on: Wednesday 18 December 2019

For some people a trip to the Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) is a frequent one, but for those who only visit once or twice a year a few things have changed.

No one wants to spend a long time dropping off their waste and recycling at the HWRC so here’s our handy tips on how to make your trip stress free and fast:

  • Sort your waste before visiting the site. Take some time at home sorting everything in to piles ready for recycling
  • Plan your boot accordingly. Take a look at our layout map before loading up your boot. This will help speed up your visit and will save you time rummaging around your boot when you get there
  • Be prepared to open any black bag waste you bring to the site. The bag sorting policy we have in operation means that any residents turning up to site with black bag waste will be asked to open up their bag(s). If there any visible items which can be recycled you will be asked to remove them from the bag
  • Make sure you know the opening times. During the festive period the HWRC will be closed on Christmas Day 25th December, Boxing Day 26th December and New Year’s Day 1st January. For full details of the opening hours visit the HWRC webpage
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