Torfaen Public Services Board become the first PSB in Wales to sign Children and Young People's Participation Standards charter

Posted on: Friday 13 December 2019
Image 1 signing the Particpation Standards Charter for PSB - Nov 2019 (2)

Children and young people in Torfaen set to have greater input into the design of future children and young people’s services.

Members of Torfaen's Public Services Board have recently took part in Children and Young People's National Participation Standards training and became the first PSB in Wales to sign up to the standards charter.

There are seven Children and Young People’s National Participation standards in Wales. Each standard looks to help organisations and individuals shape process, quality and experience of all work involving the participation of children and young people.

Staff at all levels across the Public Services Board partnership will see the benefits of involving children and young people in the design and planning of services and how they can embed this way of working into their day to day roles and responsibilities.

Signing the charter, Bill Purvis of Natural Resources Wales and Vice Chair of the PSB said,

"We have signed the standards charter to demonstrate our commitment to the children and young people here in Torfaen.

We want to ensure that leaders, strategy managers & policy planners and front line staff all have the knowledge and skills to involve young people in future planning and design of services for children and young people.

Public services will also see efficiencies in better-designed services and the public can be confident that we are creating provisions for Children and Young People that are vitally needed."

To view the National Participation Standards, please visit the Children in Wales website.

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