Next round of weed spraying in the borough to start

Posted on: Thursday 8 August 2019
weeds spraying

On Monday 12 August (weather permitting) Complete Weed Control (South & Central Wales) Ltd will be starting the second round of spot treating weeds on public footways and car parks using their cutting edge technology, the Weed-it, throughout the Torfaen on Council and Bron Afon Community Housing.

 Using an approved herbicide similar to ordinary garden weed killer, weeds are sprayed during suitable weather conditions.  The technology allows the machinery to detect green growth and only spray that, rather than blanket spraying a wide area which minimises any risk to humans, pets or the environment. The chemical is absorbed and distributed throughout the whole plant which it then kills.  

 The weed killer is used only by trained professionals in a diluted form which is safe to use without the need for gloves and face protection, although as a precaution, operatives do wear gloves to dilute the concentrated product.

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