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Posted on: Wednesday 21 August 2019
Enforcement officer

Since the council took over civil parking enforcement from Gwent Police (on July 1) 426 parking related tickets have been issued. Tickets have been issued for:

  • parking on loading restricted areas
  • parking on bus stops
  • parking on restricted waiting areas
  • having no/invalid Blue badge
  • parking in a taxi rank
  • parking on a dropped footway
  • parking on a pedestrian crossing

The same team are also responsible for issuing fines in relation to environmental crimes, and to date only six of these tickets have been issued. Tickets have been issued for:

  • dog related offences
  • littering

The new team of enforcement officers are keen to educate and raise awareness about parking and environmental laws, which is why the numbers of people fined to date are low in comparison to other local authorities.

Councillor Fiona Cross, executive member for the environment said: “The team want to make sure people understand the law, and why fines are being issued to them (if they are unfortunate enough to receive one).

“The other day a member of staff from a different team went out with the enforcement officers to find out what they get up to. The staff member witnessed the enforcement officers discussing the hazards of parking on double yellow lines, parking illegally in taxi only areas, and keeping dogs on leads in dog control areas.

“Sometimes in our busy lives we may not think about the consequences of our actions. We may think that parking on double yellow lines for 10 minutes won’t cause a problem, but it could mean that an ambulance can’t get down a road during an emergency.

“Parking in a taxi only area may not seem like an offence if there are spaces available. However, when you find out that taxi owners pay a fee to park in these areas you can see why emotions can get heightened and arguments break out.

“Remembering which areas to keep your dog on a lead can also be tricky. There are signs around but if you’re busy with an energetic grandchild these signs can be missed.

“The member of staff (who went out with the enforcement officers) told me that more fines could have been issued, but instead the enforcement officers took their time to talk to people and discuss the crimes there were committing.

“Unfortunately, for those people who weren’t in/near their vehicles, fines had to be issued.

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