Work Placement pays off!

Posted on: Thursday 1 August 2019

Stephen Jacobs from Cwmbran had worked for over 30 years in the retail industry, before taking voluntary redundancy from Sainsbury’s in 2018.

Supported through the Bridges into Work 2 voluntary work placement scheme, Stephen expressed an interest in becoming a payroll officer, but lacked experience in the role and needed his confidence boosted.

At the same time, the payroll team had been looking into alternative methods to recruit for their vacant posts.

Systems Team Leader Liz Collins and Payroll Team Leader Claire White met with Paul Roberts from the Council’s Skills and Economy Team, alongside Stephen, to agree a voluntary placement and fully train him as a payroll officer. 

So successful was the placement, when a vacancy came up in the department, Stephen was able to apply for the role and secured employment with the Council.

To date the council's employability team has supported 220 residents through the work placement scheme, working in partnership with more than 100 businesses.

Executive Member for Economy, Skills & Regeneration, Cllr Richard Clark said, “It’s fantastic to see so many new and exciting work placement opportunities being offered through Torfaen Council to job seekers across the borough. Some of which may have had a setback along the way or have faced several barriers to work.

Stephen is one of many residents that has benefited from the support Bridges into Work provides, with many entering a range of different job sectors in Torfaen and further afield. Congratulations Stephen for securing the role and for being able to work in a job you love and set out to find.”

Employer Liaison Officer, Paul Roberts said: “Voluntary work placements are not only an excellent way for candidates to retrain and to get experience in different roles, but also for employers to see potential employees in action, and to fill vacancies with people who have proved capable of doing the job well."

If you would like to receive support to help you find employment, or if you are a business, looking to recruit and would like to use this method to fill your vacancies, please call 01633 647743 or email

Bridges into Work 2 is part financed by the European Social Fund.


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