Pupils raise awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Posted on: Wednesday 10 April 2019

Last week, 18 pupils from Nant Celyn Primary ASD base celebrated Autism Awareness week by promoting their very own autism awareness campaign.

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a condition that affects social interaction, communication, interests and behaviour.

In the weeks leading up to Autism Awareness Week the children at Nant Celyn Primary School helped write letters to local businesses asking for donations of paint and equipment in order to create a large mural in the schools sensory garden.

The children were also tasked with designing a creative puzzle shaped poster, highlighting some ways people can help a person with autism. Nine winning puzzle pieces were selected and were hidden in key locations around Cwmbran for the community to find. 

So far, seven out of nine pieces have been found, and anyone that finds the remaining puzzle pieces are encouraged to return them back to the school to receive a prize.  The complete puzzle will be displayed at the school reception for all to see. 

The week culminated with all staff and children wearing their favourite rainbow colour, displaying a bright spectrum of colours further raising awareness of autism spectrum disorder. 

ASD Base Teacher, Angela Edwards said, "I would like to thank Rabart, Dulux, Costar, Morrison’s Community Champions and local painting and decorator Neil Dixon for donating their time and equipment in helping us raise awareness. Also a special thank you to Nicola Horrell and Maria May (teaching assistants at Nant Celyn School) for their artistic talents in bringing the children’s ideas and designs together to create a beautiful mural in our sensory garden.” 

“Both staff and children have worked extremely hard over the week, running and taking part in a variety of activities to raise awareness of Autism both within the school and the wider community."

Gemma Bussy, Head of Primary and Secondary Autism Bases in Torfaen said, "I am incredibly proud of the staff and pupils in both the primary and secondary resource bases for their enthusiasm and dedication in ensuring that this Autism awareness week is a great success.

Every year both provisions work tirelessly in promoting Autism awareness both within their schools as well as within the local community.  Autism awareness is not something that is isolated to one week at Nant Celyn Primary or Cwmbran High school it’s something that we promote each and every day."

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